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Tour Namibia

Are you tired of the conventional vacation destinations and now looking for new amazing places to explore? If you are yet to conclude on an exotic place to visit, consider going to Namibia. Namibia is a contrast land with spectacular landscapes that range from the vast red desert to rugged mountains and lush plains, as well as fascinating tribes and an abundance of wildlife. It is one of the last remaining unspoiled areas in the world with a diversity of habitats and large areas of untouched wilderness. The republic of Namibia has developed roads, and infrastructure, modern postal services, and telecommunications that are among the most sophisticated in Africa, making the country an excellent destination for self-drive safaris.
From the tropical forests of the Caprivi where the great Zambezi and the Okavango rivers are home to hippo, crocodiles and the herds of migrating elephants to the unique lifestyle of the creatures of the Namib Desert that survive for months without taking water, Namibia is indeed a prime destination for adventure travel.
Although it is not a popular vacation destination like South Africa and others, Namibia has some features that make it exceptional. All Namibia safaris begin in Windhoek with tours to the stunning Daan Viljoen Game Park, west of the city, featuring warthog, kudu, gemsbok, Springboks, mountain Zebra, and over 200 birds. You will also pay a visit to world-class museums and a wealth of geographical phenomena including the world’s highest Sossusvlei sand dunes, Organ Pipes, Burnt mountains, Fish River Canyon (second in size to the Grand Canyon), Brandberg mountain, Spitzkoppe, The White Lady of Brandberg, Messum Crater and Petrified forests in Sesriem canyon and Damaraland among many others.
All the National Parks and game reserves of Namibia are fantastic with wild landscapes and a whole host of animals for you to see. You can visit the Bwabwata Park or the Namib Desert that is known for its impressive vast red sand dunes. Here you can enjoy desert safaris where you will see exceptional desert elephants or perhaps climb the dunes for amazing views before sand boarding for extreme thrills. The plain of the legendary Etosha National Park (larger than the Kruger NP in South Africa) is another tourist center, where you join a traditional adventure safari to see all manners of wildlife including elephants, wildebeest, zebra, hyenas, lions, cheetah, leopards, giraffes, antelopes and several bird species. Other unique Namibia safari tour options include motorbike tours or rail journeys across the country.
There are plenty of adventure activities you can enjoy in Namibia. These include: “big five” game viewing, sky diving, fresh water and ocean water angling, diving in lakes in the north, white water rafting, canoeing on the Orange and Kunene rivers, sand boarding, quad biking and kayaking at the coast.
Your tour in Namibia will not be complete without considering its wide cultural diversity. Namibia has eleven ethnic groups with varying annual festivals, carnivals, gatherings, and exhibitions. The “San Bushmen” remains the oldest group of people on earth while the “Himba” are well-known for their detailed skin costumes and body coating with ochre and animal fat. If you are also looking for that perfect souvenir, the Namibian locals are artistic in their ancient crafts and artistic skills. You can visit the Post Street Mall for a wide range of souvenirs, expeditions, and African crafts.
Furthermore, you can take pleasure in its wide range of restaurants including the ever popular Am Winberg and Joe’s Beerhouse. Get the yummiest African dishes at La Marmaite, one of the best local restaurants in Windhoek. No matter what your preferred adventure is, you will find it in Namibia.
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