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Homo sapiens guidensis tuoristo“ aka Uwe Fischer
grey hair, that used to be blond, eyes grey- bluish, a warmhearted dialect thats known best in South Germany, paired with positive recurrent sound Recognized trough instantly qualified comments about his favorite place to be in this world, Africa

Melanie & Sonja

On april 10th, Carlo, Daniel, Jürg, Max and me, are getting together at the train station in Thun. We are all feeling great and excited. Couldn’t feel any better. Together we starting our adventure over Zurich, Dubai to our final destination Cape Town, where you guys welcomed us dearly. Our friend Marco waited for us in our hotel in Cape Town as he came to Afrika from Bangkok Asia. Finally the guys group is complete and we start our trip & Welcome time with a cold delicious beer. On the next morning everyone gets his own Harley- Davidson and personal radio- head set and we are ready to go. Our stunning adventure begins….. Table Mountain, Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Chapmans Peak, Cape of good Hope, Simonstown, Montagu, Route 62, Garden Route and so much more…… unforgettable Moments, day after day like picnic in Karoo, Apèro at the lighthouse Cape Agulhas, a drink in Rozenhofe Country Loge…… we wrote in our Photo album „ One idea, best friends, best time, beautiful country, unforgettable memories and a big big thank you to all and Uwe

Narcisse Burri aus Thun

As our brain worked a little unusual and funny from enjoying Amarula and Mampur, we are only able right now to share our „BEST OF“ phrases from the past 3 weeks. Ready? „Impala on 3pm!“, „is 3pm right or left?“, „Schnutchen“- „Stasi- Hasi“ or the funniest „superconfident appearance by having no clue at all

Schnutchen & Hase

Dear Uwe,
we are so sad that our vacation is over. We really wanna thank you again so so much for your outstanding Guide- Qualities, your excellent cooking skills and for taking care of us in a way that will always live on in our memories. Another big thanks goes also to the other wonderful people who attended this tour. We will always share with friends and families our „once in a lifetime“ memories about this vacation, that was a real fascinating adventure for us. Literally, diving in a new exciting culture, made us forget about the sometimes stressful busy lifestyle at home and we will miss our evenings with you all around the heartwarming campfire so so much. Sharing our pictures with friends makes them really curious about this unique continent called Africa. We always love to mention, that Uwe made our trip unforgettable and an adventure thats impossible to top. We are so thankful for his dedication and outstanding guidance. Best wishes for his future and always deep gratitude to him and his beautiful Africa.

Heike & Siggi Erdmann

Our tour, over a period of 3 weeks, started from Vic Falls down to Cape Town. Because of Uwe, our excellent tour guide, we got introduced daily to new exciting facts about the african country, lifestyle and wildlife on our trip. You introduced us to Bartolomeus Dias, who discovered South Africa 500 years ago and told us almost everything about this extraordinary country. Over Livingston and Lüderitz, the Herero and Namaqua Genocide ….. yes, now we
are fit in african history. But this is just one gift that Uwe had to share with us,
his guests.
Uwe drove our bus like a professional racer, even with an trailer attached at the back of our vehicle. And who even manages obstacles and technical difficulties with the bus, calmly and confident and gets us to our next destination on time? Uwe! Uwe, you are a genius. As manager or as our chef, you amazed us at any time. Chili con Carne, Meatloaf or other delicious meals, our taste buds celebrated daily during our time with you. Even my tomato, you would never forget to serve. I cant remember, eating so much for dinner as i did during my vacation with Uwe. It was just beyond delicious. Your Oryxsteak and potato salad were a hit. Yes, thats our Uwe.


Dear Uwe,
I made it back home safely to my regular daily life with work and routine. Ienjoy thinking about my memories and unforgettable & exciting time in Namibia. Christina and myself will definitely start saving money again, to fulfill our dreams, experiencing Namibia under your excellent guidance one more time. Dear Uwe,again, thank you so much for this amazing time. Sunny greetings to you from Gabi.

Gabriele Kirmse